Choosing the best facials in Knoxville

You want to be proud of the face you see in the mirror every day. You can easily change your jewelry, cosmetics, or hairstyle, and still not achieve that flawless look if your skin isn't smooth and glowing. The most popular way to rejuvenate skin is with facials. Knoxville spas, salons, and even luxury hotels offer this service. However, beware - just because the service is available, doesn't mean it is safe or effective.

Spa and salon facials

Because there is no universal definition of a facial, it can be simply a facial massage. However, it usually includes exfoliation, extraction (blackheads, whiteheads), cleansing mask, mild chemical peel, or some combination thereof. These treatments can be effective, to varying degrees, although spas cannot offer the same powerful, technologically advanced options as a licensed dermatologist.

At a spa, facials are performed by cosmetologists, or aestheticians, who have some training in hair and skin care. Any additional training is optional - they are not medical doctors, and often don't even attempt to evaluate your skin before treating it. While the treatments offered in spas can be helpful, they also can be harmful, or entirely ineffective, unless they happen to be exactly what you need.

Dermatological facials

What do you get when you come to Southeastern Dermatology Consultants? First, you will get the expertise of Dr. Matthew Doppelt, a board certified dermatologist, and his elite team of trained and skilled medical professionals. Our staff includes Mary Huggins, a licensed aesthetician with over a decade of experience in medicine. You can feel confident that any facial treatment you receive here is exactly what your skin needs, performed with professional expertise.

You won't find pre-designed treatment plans, or unqualified "professionals" here. Your skin is unique; we will design and deliver exactly the treatment it needs. We can provide gentle, spa-style facials, with just the right products and methods to achieve maximum results. If more intense treatment is needed, we can provide deep chemical peels. We also offer services such as IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser photofacials and dermal fillers for problems not addressed by a simple facial.

In short, what you get when you come to us is radiant, beautiful skin by the most effective, least invasive methods available. We have the knowledge, technology, and techniques to deliver exquisite results you can count on. Call Southeastern Dermatology Consultants today, and prepare to be amazed!
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