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Ultherapy Knoxville - Southeastern Dermatology is 2015 Ultherapy Ultra Treatment Provider

" Wow. He did a great job both during the consult and telling me what to expect and afterwards during the checkups. He is amazing and I highly recommend both his office and him! " - darparrish
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When sagging, loose skin needs to be tightened and lifted, many individuals may find their solution with Ultherapy. Knoxville residents can seek Ultherapy treatment with Dr. Doppelt of Southeastern Dermatology and use this non-invasive, non-surgical way of lifting and tightening the skin on areas of the body that would benefit from a more firm appearance.
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Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to tighten the skin, lift it, and tone the area without undergoing surgical treatments. It is the only non-invasive dermatological treatment that was created to target deeper layers of skin, offering effective and amazing results. It is an FDA approved treatment that can tone and tighten over the period of several weeks, even months.
Treatments for Ultherapy takes approximately one hour for the face, but can be used on other areas such as the brow and neck. These treatments are often shorter, approximately thirty minutes in length. Thanks to the technologically advanced way that Ultherapy works, patients do not experience any downtime whatsoever.

Patients are encouraged to visit Dr. Doppelt of Southeastern Dermatology to first schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about the benefits and risks associated with Ultherapy. Knoxville area residents will find that their dermatologist can examine them and determine if they are viable candidates for this particular treatment. The best candidates for Ultherapy are those who have sagging, loose, or severely relaxed skin on the face. This can happen on the eyebrow line, on the eyelids, or even the neck. Having a surgical face lift is not always the answer, especially for those who are not ready for surgical procedures or extreme downtime and recovery. Additionally, not everyone has the budget or finances available to undergo plastic surgery to address this sagging skin. Ultherapy treatments are a wonderful alternative for those who want to firm their skin in a safe, easy, and effective way.

The Ultherapy Décolletage Treatment is now the ONLY non-invasive procedure specifically indicated by the FDA to improve lines and wrinkles on the chest! With women taking better care of their faces and necks these days, the chest has now become the new tell-tale sign of one's age. Don't miss out on the ONLY FDA approved treatment for the chest.

If you are interested in learning more about Ultherapy, contact your Knoxville dermatologist to schedule an initial consultation appointment. Dr. Doppelt of Southeastern Dermatology would be happy to provide the information you need and answer the questions you may have about this wonderful dermatological treatment offered in his office.

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